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Nominations Due: April 25th

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The Diabetes Dietetic Practice Group (DDPG) of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (the Academy) recognizes an individual, organization, and/or business that has made significant contributions to DDPG and/or demonstrated their support for the dietetics profession and diabetes medical nutrition therapy.

B. ELIGIBILITY: Health care professionals or industry partners who are not eligible for membership in the Academy. This is a one time award and cannot be nominated again for the same award.


  1. Participation in activities that support DDPG through advocacy, professional knowledge, technical expertise or financial support
  2. Demonstration of service supporting the role of the dietetics professional in diabetes care
  3. Contributions made in the promotion of diabetes medical nutrition therapy
  4. Promotion of DDPG’s mission and vision


  1. Nominations for the DDPG Champion Award can be submitted by any member of DDPG and/or the DDPG Executive Committee and sent to the DDPG Awards Chair. Nominees will be brought forward to the DDPG Champion Award Selection Committee by the DDPG Awards Chair.
  2. The DDPG Champion Award Selection Committee meeting will be held at the DDPG Leadership Retreat, or alternatively during the Executive Committee Conference Call in May.
  3. The Awards Chair will lead the discussion describing the contributions of all nominees during the DDPG Champion Awards Selection Committee meeting.
  4. Each DDPG Executive Committee member shall cast one vote in writing using the DDPG Champion Voting form, or alternatively will send a confidential email vote to the Awards Chair.All elected DDPG Executive Committee Members not in attendance at the Selection Committee Meeting will be given the opportunity to submit their email vote no later than one week following the DDPG Champion Award Selection Committee meeting.
  5. The Awards Chair will tally all votes and notify the Executive Committee of the results within 2 weeks of the Selection Committee meeting.


The award winner will receive a commemorative plaque at the DDPG Member Reception and Awards Ceremony which is held during the Academy’s Food and Nutrition Conference and Exhibition (FNCE®), and if eligible, their expenses covered to attend this event. The expenses include: travel, 2 nights hotel accommodations, 3 days subsistence and registration to attend FNCE (if desired). The award winner will also receive one year’s complimentary subscriptions to On The Cutting Edge and NewsFLASH.


The DDPG Champion Award Selection Committee will be composed of the Awards Committee Chair and all DDPG Executive Committee voting members. Each committee member will hold one vote. The Awards Committee Chair will only cast a vote in the event of a tie. The Awards Committee Chair will be responsible for leading a discussion surrounding the contributions of each nominee and facilitating the voting process. 


  1. The Awards Committee Chair will notify the winning nominee by email by July 1st of the calendar year.  At that time, it will be determined whether the winner will be able to attend FNCE®.
  2. The DDPG Champion Award will be presented at the DDPG Awards Ceremony at FNCE®.
  3. The Awards Chair will forward the award recipient's name and address to the Past Chair/Industry Relations for inclusion on the complimentary mailing list.
  4. The Awards Chair will forward the award recipient's name to DDPG NewsFLASH Editor for inclusion in the NewsFLASH publication.

If you have questions, email DDPG Awards Chair at 

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