DDPG Publications Award

Nominations Due: February 15th Extended to March 4th!

Applications Due: April 15th

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A. PURPOSE: To recognize a DDPG member who has published a research article demonstrating the effectiveness of diabetes medical nutrition therapy (MNT) or a review article related to diabetes MNT.

B. ELIGIBILITY: All active DDPG members except the DDPG Awards Committee members, the DDPG Chair and the DDPG Chair-Elect. This is a one time award and cannot be nominated again for the same award.


  1. Written nominations of eligible DDPG members for the Diabetes Educator of the Year Award can be submitted by any member of DDPG, including one's self.
  2. Nominees will be contacted by the Awards Committee Assistant Chair and asked to complete the Personal Information Form. Nominees will submit the Personal Information Form and curriculum vitae to support nominations.
  3. Nominees will be considered for this award based on the following criteria:
    1. Candidate must be a member of DDPG for a minimum of two (2) years.
    2. Topic of publication must be related to diabetes MNT.
    3. Publication must be original research or a review article.
    4. Award applicant must be first author of the publication or an author who has contributed significantly to the publication.
    5. Publication must appear in a peer-reviewed journal.
    6. The article must have been published in the previous two years.

D. ENTRY DEADLINE: All nominations must be received by February 15th.

E. THE AWARD: A commemorative plaque and a $3000.00 cash award, which may be used by the winner for travel and registration expenses to attend the Academy's Food and Nutrition Conference and Exhibition (FNCE) to receive the award. It is expected that the winner will attend the DDPG Awards Ceremony at FNCE to receive his/her award. The winner is responsible for any taxes associated with the cash award.

F. COMPOSITION OF THE DDPG CHAMPION AWARD SELECTION COMMITTEE: The Awards Committee will be composed of an Awards Committee Chair, Assistant Chair, and appointed members who will act as judges. The Awards Committee Chair and Assistant Chair will be responsible for receiving entries and will provide anonymity to the Awards Committee process.


  1. Nominations will be submitted to the Awards Committee Chair by February 15th.
  2. Upon receipt of a nomination, the Assistant Chair will mail to the nominee a letter informing her/him of the nomination (unless self-nominated), a DDPG Publications Award application form, instructions, and the date by which materials must be returned for judging.
  3. Judging will be performed independently by the non-chair members of the committee. The Assistant Chair will provide each judge with a complete and anonymous set of information submitted by each nominee, evaluation criteria for judging the award, and a scoring composite sheet. A deadline will be specified by which the score sheets must be returned to the Assistant Chair.
  4. The Assistant Chair will tally the judges' score sheets and submit the name of the winner to the Chair of the Awards Committee and to the Academy's Practice Team Liaison. In the case of a tie, the Awards Committee Chair, the DDPG Chair, and the DDPG Chair-elect will cast three extra and deciding votes.
  5. The Awards Committee Chair will notify the winning nominee by telephone and/or letter at least 12 weeks prior to FNCE. It is expected that the winner will attend the FNCE DDPG Awards Ceremony to receive his/her award.
  6. The Awards Committee will notify all the nominees by mail prior to any public announcement of the award.
  7. The Awards Committee will notify all the nominees by mail prior to any public announcement of the award.

*Criteria adapted from Pediatric Nutrition Practice Group Research Award & Monsen, RE. The Huddleson Award: A price for a referenced article. J Am Diet Assoc 1983; 83:647.

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If you have questions, email DDPG Awards Chair at dce.awards@gmail.com.