DDPG Speaker Stipend Award

Six stipends awarded annually

Three winners are selected on each of the following dates:
- February 15th (applications due by 11:59p on February 14th)
- June 15th (applications due by 11:59p on June 14th)

Applications here

*Please note that DDPG's Speaker Stipends are generously sponsored by CinSulin. Stipend recipients are required to make a note thanking CinSulin, along with DDPG, in his or her presentation. The stipend is unrestricted, meaning that the sponsor does not have any input on the content of the presentation.*

The Diabetes Dietetic Practice Group (DDPG) announces the availability of Speaker Stipend Awards for the current calendar year.

A. The purpose of the Speaker Stipend Award is:: To serve as a member benefit to DDPG members; to support the availability of diabetes-related nutrition education opportunities nationally and internationally—i.e., encourage presentations in underserved communities; to provide financial support to organizations for qualified DDPG members to present on diabetes medical nutrition therapy topics at educational meetings; to showcase expertise of DDPG members. There are six $500 stipends available for DDPG members to present anywhere in the United States or at an international meeting.

B. To be eligible, programs must be: Sponsored by a diabetes related organization/association including multiple disciplinary health professionals at a local, state, or national level; The following organizations are included but not limited to state and local dietetic meetings, American Diabetes Association Affiliate or local American Association of Diabetes Educators chapter; provide CDR-eligible and approved continuing education credits for health care professionals, if applicable, and include a registered dietitian as program planner. Sponsored speakers must a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (the Academy) and a DDPG member.

C. To Apply: Submit Speaker Stipend Award Application to the DDPG Awards Chair at dce.awards@gmail.com

D. Selection Criteria: Include relevance of proposed topic to the DDPG mission statement and goals, and the continuing education needs of the target audience.

E. Applications will be received by the DDPG Awards Chair and approved by the DDPG Academy's Practice Team Liaison. Winners will be notified by email. Speaker Stipend winners will be posted on the DDPG website, under the awards session, after all winners have been contacted. Non-winners will not be contacted.

F. Programs that are awarded DDPG Speaker Stipends are required to do the following: Notify the DDPG Awards Chair of the name, address and Social Security number or tax identification number of the individual to receive the award check; acknowledge DDPG and the industry sponsor in the event brochures, advertisements and/or program booklets; inform speakers of support by DDPG/industry sponsor. After the program, award payment will be sent once submission of the following information to the DDPG Awards Chair and DDPG Treasurer is received: a short summary of the event, including attendance, evaluation of the supported speaker, and the actual expenses incurred to support the speaker.

Applications here

If you have questions, email DDPG Awards Chair at dce.awards@gmail.com.