Diabetes DPG Strategic Plan

Academy Vision

A world where all people thrive through the transformative power of food and nutrition.

Academy Mission

Accelerate improvements in global health and well-being through food and nutrition.

Diabetes DPG Vision

A world where all people affected by diabetes thrive.

Diabetes DPG Mission

Optimizing the prevention and management of diabetes through person-centered care, including nutrition and collaborative partnerships.

Goals, Objective, Strategies, Tactics and Responsibility

Diabetes DPG will adopt an implementation plan to begin facilitating work towards accomplishing the Strategic Plan. Note that based on the size of the project, a taskforce may be used to help with the workload. The Strategic Planning Taskforce feels providing short term and focused volunteer opportunities will help in identifying potential future leaders for Diabetes DPG. Evaluations will be built into all projects and programs to ensure high quality work, satisfied volunteers, and that Diabetes DPG is staying on track in meeting member needs. Once the plan is finalized the committee will work to create an implementation and evaluation plan to ensure Diabetes DPG’s success. The key to that success is incorporating this feedback into all our activities. Please review the full plan below on how Diabetes DPG plans to improve how we support our members and achieve our mission and vision.

Goal #1 Recruit and Train New Volunteer Leaders
Create an environment welcoming and supportive of new volunteers. This is achieved through consistent volunteer recruitment and support in a systemized way. Short Term (0-6 months) Mid-Term (7-12 months) Long Term (1-3 years)
Work with committee chairs to refine and formalize bi-monthly committee chair calls. Things to explore include: importance of agendas (consent and discussion/working), monthly reports, and goal setting based on strategic plan with regular updates. Explore the potential of a new position(s) to handle volunteer recruitment, onboarding, training, and on-going management. Ensure how they will coordinate with the nominating committee is considered. Create a plan to consistently ask for volunteers throughout the year, and create a system to track and respond to each in a timely manner taking into account the ebb and flow of volunteer needs throughout the year.
Diabetes DPG Lead: Membership Chair/Past Chair Diabetes DPG Lead: Membership and Nominating Chair Diabetes DPG Lead: Membership Chair
Continue to improve on the Leadership Retreat content including improved transition materials from existing volunteers to new volunteers even if existing volunteers are not able to attend. Create a leadership packet each volunteer leader receives that orients them to Diabetes DPG – operations, structure, procedures, guiding principles, how meetings run (agendas, minutes, voting, Robert’s Rules of Order, etc.) Create a formalized process for interacting with and engaging with potential volunteers to find the right fit within Diabetes DPG for each person.
Diabetes DPG Lead: Membership Chair/Awards Chair Diabetes DPG Lead: Diabetes DPG Chair Diabetes DPG Lead: Membership Chair
Engage committee chairs on a consistent basis to cultivate an accurate list of current volunteer needs, and understand the skills necessary for each role. Create a volunteer welcome/orientation letter for non-committee chair/executive committee level volunteers
Create a plan on how to expand committees so each has a succession plan: Chairs and Associate Chairs. This provides mentorship opportunities for hands on training. Ensures continuity so as not to lose history. Ensure committees are documenting best practices, check list, how-to, etc. in a central/accessible location
Diabetes DPG Lead: Chairs Diabetes DPG Lead: Membership Chair
Goal #2 Increase Visibility of Diabetes DPG Within and Outside of the Academy
Increase the recognition of Diabetes DPG and its members within as well as outside of the Academy. This is achieved through a unified branding and marketing plan targeted at multiple levels utilizing all resources available to Diabetes DPG. Short Term (0-6 months) Mid-Term (7-12 months) Long Term (1-3 years)
Work with the Academy to formalize relationships with ADA and AADE which is extended to Diabetes DPG. Explore the creation and maintenance of a speakers’ bureau for Academy groups and outside organizations to promote Diabetes DPG members as experts in diabetes nutrition. This will also be used to promote Academy and Diabetes DPG membership. Create member level resources that show the impact of diabetes and how Diabetes DPG members can be a valuable resource. These resources should be at different levels to target the general public, other RDNs, NDTRs, and medical professionals. They should also address different settings such as community, healthcare, education, and research.
Diabetes DPG Lead: Diabetes DPG Chairs Diabetes DPG Lead: Communications and Professional Development Chairs Diabetes DPG Lead: Communications and Professional Development Chairs
Create a campaign marketing Diabetes DPG membership explaining the requirements and openness to all RDNs, NDTRs, students, and Academy members. Leverage the proposed name change as a chance to rebrand Diabetes DPG – explore resources the Academy is able to provide as well as support from external sources.
Diabetes DPG Lead: Communications and Membership Chairs Diabetes DPG Lead: Chair and Communications Chair
Create a Public Policy initiative to help members engage with legislators to increase visibility of the profession in the creation of new regulations and laws. Explore the feasibility of hiring a public relations company to explore items such as creation of unified branding, a tag line, name input, reaching outside groups and marketing to non-Academy members.
Diabetes DPG Lead: PAL Diabetes DPG Lead: Chair
Goal #3 Empower all RDNs and NDTRs in Treating Diabetes
Empower Diabetes DPG to assist all RDNs and NDTRs in treating diabetes, not just those who specialize in diabetes care and education, which will result in financial stability through increased membership dues and sponsorship. Short Term (0-6 months) Mid-Term (7-12 months) Long Term (1-3 years)
Explore new ways to increase revenue through increasing membership and sponsors. Examine the feasibility for charging members and/or non-members for benefits such as webinars and CEDNC. Use additional funds to create more member resources. Create a marketing plan that addresses both members (retention) and non-members (new) which combat “no” messages (i.e. “I can only join so many/don’t want to pay extra dues”) to both keep existing members and recruit new members. Highlight the membership benefits received based on the amount of dues paid. Increase Diabetes DPG’s visibility and market membership through non-traditional means. This would include having Diabetes DPG members present at meetings and highlight the DPG as a valued diabetes resource. Promote associate Academy membership to other healthcare professionals. Market how Diabetes DPG is beneficial to anyone affected by diabetes.
Diabetes DPG Lead: CRM and Membership Chair Diabetes DPG Lead: Membership and Communications Diabetes DPG Lead: Communications and Prof Development
Work with Corporate Relations Manager (CRM) to effectively implement prospectus. Work to expand offerings and empower CRM to reach more potential sponsors with the support of Diabetes DPG leadership. Use funds and connections to create more member resources. Create Public Policy resources to share with states as they pursue licensure issues in order to ensure diabetes treatment by an RDN is protected.
Diabetes DPG Lead: Past Chair and CRM Diabetes DPG Lead: PAL
Goal #4 Create a Unified Diabetes DPG Brand
Create a unified brand for Diabetes DPG leveraging the new mission, vision, strategic plan, and potentially name which allows for the evaluation of existing and potentially new programs for Diabetes DPG through informed decision making. Short Term (0-6 months) Mid-Term (7-12 months) Long Term (1-3 years)
Create a communication plan that utilizes social media and regularly highlights Diabetes DPG benefits in an engaging way. Be sure to leverage existing Academy resources and posts. Create a consistent, eye-catching brand, utilized across all communication platforms, in order to increase visual recognition and professionalism of Diabetes DPG. Create branded tools, resources, and support to all members who are leaders in diabetes nutrition. The use of these branded tools improves the overall perception of Diabetes DPG, as well as empowers members as they interact with people affected by diabetes.
Diabetes DPG Lead: Communications and Social Media Chairs Diabetes DPG Lead: Communications Chair, Electronics, and Social Media Chair Diabetes DPG Lead: Communications and Prof Development
Increase website traffic through better utilization of the calendar function, integrated social media posts, and regularly updated content. Explore the potential of a Diabetes DPG app where members can access benefits on the go. Explore the feasibility of state/regional coordinators through a pilot program. Identify the goals of this program, establish new volunteer position descriptions, allocate funding, and create a plan for new volunteers to follow. Consult with existing programs such as VN, ON, and DIFM DPGs for guidance and resources.
Diabetes DPG Lead: Electronics Chair Diabetes DPG Lead: Electronics Chair Diabetes DPG Lead: Chair-Elect
Ensure that all communication is properly branded, and evaluate the effectiveness of things such as titles, format, content, etc. This include CEDNC, Newsflash, eblast, webinars, website, and social media. Leverage committee and volunteer knowledge to solicit feedback and input from members to evaluate current offerings and make adjustments, changes, and additions as necessary. Explore the feasibility of reinstating mentoring. Be sure to address the challenges of the last program (lack of mentors), and explore unique ways to bring experience to young members such as tweetups, webinar panels/google hangouts, Facebook live Ask Me Anything (AMA), podcasts, etc. Engage with students and professors for ideas of successful programs they’ve seen, and ensure Diabetes DPG is meeting students’ needs.
Diabetes DPG Lead: Communications Chair Diabetes DPG Lead: Membership Chair Diabetes DPG Lead: Chair-Elect, Membership and Professional Development Chair
Explore the need for increased volunteer support (i.e. PR Chair, Marketing Chair)
Diabetes DPG Lead: Chairs