Participate in Research

Developing Your Research Idea

The 2011 Summer issue of On the Cutting Edge focuses on research and describes how nutrition research has impacted our clinical practice. It also includes two complementary articles that will be very helpful to those getting started in research.

In the article Getting Started in Research: It Can Be Done!, Maggie Powers, PhD, RD, CDE walks a new researcher through the steps of writing a research proposal from identifying the research question to planning the budget.

In another article, Dissecting Research Articles, Judith Wylie-Rossett, EdD, RD helps the dietitian interpret research articles. The questions that Dr. Wylie-Rossett poses related to each section of a research article are questions that researchers can ask as they are preparing a research proposal.

Reading research articles will help you think about your research question and study design, and be better prepared to write your own research proposal. A research article is essentially your colleagues telling their story about their work. Curl up with a good journal and enjoy!

Using a Research Template

Most research studies follow a similar template as described in Dr. Powers' article. Researchers who write a lot of proposals have templates that they use repeatedly. Some have different templates for different types of studies.

There are books on writing proposals and information on the internet, as well. To help DDPG members get closer to nutrition research template examples, Marla Solomon, RD, CDE is inviting the Academy researchers to submit examples that they use.

Student Members Research Project Surveys

As part of an approved research project, Academy student members may conduct mail, telephone, or electronic surveys (or questionnaires) of the Diabetes DPG membership.

All projects must be approved by the Academy. The use of Academy member contact information (addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mails), including those of its DPG/MIGs, is permitted solely for Academy-related communications.

DDPG supports Academy student member research project surveys. This document summarizes the process for student surveys and role of student and DDPG leaders.

Student Member Survey Policy Document