House of Delegates

Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Governing Structure

The governing structure of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics includes 19 members of the Board of Directors and 105 members of the House of Delegates (HOD). Click this link here for a more detailed look at our governing body!

Have you ever wondered what the roles and responsibilities of the HOD are? This video link provides a short 2-minute synopsis on the work and structure of the HOD: view here!  Maybe you will be interested in being our next Delegate for 2023!

Strategic & Professional Issues

Strategic issues (previously called Mega Issues) are overriding issues of strategic importance that cut across multiple discipline areas. They address key strategic questions the organization must answer to illuminate choices and challenges that will need to be overcome moving forward for the envisioned future.

The Strategic Issues Process is an important tool for responding to members' needs related to far-reaching professional concerns. A Strategic Issue is strategic and futuristic in its scope and is projected to impact the profession three-to-five years into the future. They are emerging issues with potential impact on the dietetics profession in three or more years, overriding issues of strategic importance that cut across multiple discipline areas and support the Academy’s strategic mission, vision, and focus. Strategic Issues replace Mega Issues. Example Strategic Issues include The Academy’s Council on Future Practice, the organizational unit comprised of ten members who represent practice, education, credentialing and accreditation and the Board of Directors, identifies Strategic Issues for consideration by the HOD.

Our Diabetes DPG members can submit Strategic Issues using the Strategic Issue identification form  (make sure you to select Diabetes DPG) and emailing to Strategic Issues are considered by the House of Delegates Leadership Team for discussion by the House of Delegates. It’s our opportunity to have a voice in current and future challenges that affect our profession!

Professional Issues are specialized or practice-based topics that need immediate attention by the HOD. These issues may impact a subset of practice areas within the profession. Examples of Professional Issues include master’s requirement implementation, licensure, reimbursement and payment, and preceptor and internship shortages.

House of Delegate Updates 2021-2022

Diabetes DPG Book Club

Wednesday Oct 27, 2021 from 7-9pm eastern. The Clinician’s Guide to Microaggressions & Unconscious Bias: Racial Justice in Healthcare (Nikki E. Akparwa MSN/MPH) Book Club
2 CPEs pending Learning Need Code 1050 (ethics) 

Book available at  Students can participate free of charge and members who need financial assistance are encouraged to apply (select 'yes' for financial assistance on the registration form).

Register at 

What you will utilize in this book club:
  • How unconscious Bias and Microaggressions affect the care that you provide
  • Your role in eliminating health disparity through collective power and racial justice
  • A tangible toolkit to address unconscious bias and Microaggressions in your workplace
We will have 3 learning activities with discussion and clinical stories to help reflect and change our narratives. Looking forward to a great book club on 10/27!

Diabetes DPG Podcast

Podcast interview with Diabetes DPG Chair, Janice MacLeod, MA, RDN, CDCES, FADCES.  Learn how you can become more involved in our dietetic practice group!

Bylaws and Methods Update

Thank you to the members who emailed, called, texted and participated in the August Delegate Town Hall regarding Article XV Academy Bylaws and Methods. Of the 1,939 members who responded, 80.9% voted No and 19.1% voted yes to ARTICLE XV AMENDMENTS METHODS. 274 members provided comments on their vote. There were no changes to Article XV, Amendments, Section 1 Notice, in which the HOD conducts a forty five (45) day member electronic comment period on proposed amendments to the Academy Bylaws. 

House of Delegates Fall 2021 Virtual Meeting

The House of Delegates conducted it’s Fall 2021 Virtual HOD Meeting on September 17th-18th, 2021. The topic was Transforming the House of Delegates and was led by a third party consultant group.  Leaders from the House of Delegates did not participate in break out sessions, so that Delegates can freely talk and brainstorm.  It was a fruitful discussion on how we can be a stronger and bigger voice for our members and also how we can communicate more effectively.  At this time, the final report from the meeting is not available, but will be posted under our Discussion Board as well as our Newsletter.

I will be hosting a Town Hall quarterly for you to voice your concerns, comments and ideas to help make the role of Delegate stronger for Diabetes DPG! Stay tuned!

Delegate Contact Information: 

Jennifer O. Barr, MPH, RDN, LDN, CDCES

Delegate, Diabetes Dietetic Practice Group

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics