Credentials References

Specific to the Registered Dietitian

The National Standards of Diabetes Self-Management Education

Specific to the Diabetes Educator

The Newer Credential: Advanced Diabetes Management (BC-ADM)

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Specific to the Registered Dietitian:

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2008 Winter Statement from the Diabetes Care and Education (DCE) Dietetic Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association, The Role of the Registered Dietitian in Teaching and in Administration of Injectable Medications Used in Diabetes Management.

Specific to the Diabetes Educator:

Martin C, Daly A, McWhorter LS, Shwide-Slavin C, Kushion W; American Association of Diabetes Educators. The scope of practice, standards of practice, and standards of professional performance for diabetes educators. Diabetes Educ. 2005 Jul-Aug;31(4):487-8, 490, 492 passim. (PDF File)

The National Standards of Diabetes Self-Management Education:

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Fain JA. National Standards for Diabetes Self-management Education: revised and reaffirmed.Diabetes Educ. 2007 Jul-Aug;33(4):548. (PDF File)

The Newer Credential: Advanced Diabetes Management:

Daly A, Kulkarni K, Boucher J. The new credential: Advanced Diabetes Management. J Am Diet Assoc. Vol 101:944-946, August, 2001. (ADA journal website in the members only area) (Full Text)

Advanced Practice Credential Articles:

Skipper A, Lewis NM. Clinical registered dietitians, employers, and educators are interested in advanced practice education and professional doctorate degrees in clinical nutrition. J Am Diet Assoc. Vol 106:2062-2066, December, 2006. (PDF File)

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BC-ADM Credential Newsflash:

Kulkarni, K. Update on the BC-ADM Credential; Newsflash; Vol. 24 No 24:8 Winter 2003

Scope of Practice for Qualified Professionals in Diabetes Care and Education:

Basic credential information including the RD, CDCES, and  BC-ADM.

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