Criteria for Recipe Selection

stuffed peppersThe recipes chosen for this site are easy to prepare, adaptable, nutritious, and appealing—with a gourmet touch! The current recipes have been tested by the committee that creates this section of the Web site. The criteria for nutrition quality is as simple as good sense, offering a variety of options using fresh and wholesome ingredients. Nutritious eating can come from simple, easy to prepare recipes such as these. Most recipes can be prepared ahead to be consumed over time: whether at the office or on the go. Cooking can be a pleasurable and relaxing experience, and it does not have to happen every day to ensure nutritious eating habits. Plan ahead, have the basic ingredients on hand, and cook extra portions on occasion in order to have them available for those hurried days when there is no time for kitchen adventures!

The nutrition information was calculated using the software Esha Food Processor. The nutrition analysis is translated into both Exchange values and Carbohydrate Choices in recognition of both ways of interpreting recipes for patients. Since fiber, for the most part, is not digested and absorbed like starches and sugars, the fiber grams are subtracted from the total carbohydrate grams in determing the carbohydrate exchanges/choices and calories.

Some of the recipes use artificial sweeteners. Sugar-free products and desserts based almost entirely on sugar substitutes were more prevalent before The American Diabetes Association lifted the "ban on sugar" 10 years ago, as it is now known that sugar-free foods are not required— portions can be adjusted to control carbs. However, people on restricted diets may appreciate the calorie savings of sugar-free or low-sugar recipes. For more information, please visit the American Diabetes Association website to review their statement on desserts and sweeteners.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the recipes, ingredients, directions or nutrition information.