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OTCE issue must be within 1 year of publication. Members must meet the Diabetes DPG membership eligibility requirement published in each OTCE issue.

The process for accessing OTCE CPEU publications has changed for better integration with EatRightPro!

Diabetes DPG (DDPG) is integrating with the Academy’s Learning Management System (LMS) that supports easy access to webinar recordings, quizzes, CPE newsletter articles and CPEU certificates. The LMS connects with the Academy’s online eatrightSTORE to increase awareness and visibility of DDPG’s continued education and opportunity for membership.

Integrating with the LMS allows DDPG members to have one-stop access to their CPE history. Members will find CPE certificates for any Academy CPE items including DPG/MIG items within the LMS making it easier to track history and find certificates.

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The following CPEU Publications are available for purchase:

Publication Titles Expires On Quiz

Managing the Dynamic Duo of Obesity & Diabetes
Volume 41, Number 6

6/1/2024 Purchase Here

Collaboration and Individualization: Evidence-Based Meal Planning Approaches
Volume 41, Number 4

1/4/2024 Purchase Here

The Spectrum Of Hypoglycemia From Fear to Confidence
Volume 41, Number 2

9/1/2023 Purchase Here

Double Teamed: Collaborative Approaches for Mitigating CVD Risk in T2D
Volume 40, Number 6

5/29/2023 Purchase Here
Continuous Glucose Monitors and Digital Health
Volume 40, Number 4
12/24/2022 Purchase Here
Navigating Care for the Older Adult with Diabetes
Volume 40, Number 2
6/28/2022 Purchase Here

Addressing the Mental Health Needs and Psychosocial Barriers to Self-Care for People with Diabetes
Volume 39, Number 6

12/20/2021 Purchase Here

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